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Welcome to our courses for Spring/Summer 2011.

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>We're All In This Together: Social Media for Fiction Authors
Starting June 20, 2011 through August 5, 2011.
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>Write Your Book from the Inside Out
Start anytime on this self-paced course.
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>Publishing Choices in the 21st Century
Starting May 9, 2011
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>About the Instructor: Beth Barany
Founder of We Write Books Community: Let's Write Alone, Together

>About Membership in the We Write Books Community
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Sign up now for the "We're All In This Together: Social Media for Fiction Authors" 7-week course

Starting June 20, 2011 through August 5, 2011

To register for the "We're All In This Together: Social Media for Authors" 7-week tele-seminar

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Beth Barany shares some of her best secrets, insights and approaches that have helped her clients become bestselling authors.

Course Description

In this 7-week-course "We're All In This Together: Social Media For Fiction Authors" Beth Barany will share some of her best secrets, insights and approaches, techniques, tools, tactics and mindset that have allowed her clients to become bestselling authors.

You'll get hands-on, practical tools to:

  • Build relationships with your readers, even before your book is published
  • Build your list -- discover the easy three steps to building your list
  • State your message at any stage of your writing career and craft a compelling message for your current work-in-progress (different than a pitch!)
  • Find your style of networking -- uncover the number one way to build rapport with anyone
  • Identify and leverage your key influencers in social media and your social circle
  • Cultivate a community of raving fans

You'll spend this interactive course with "Beth the Bestselling Editor," discussing the main differences between struggling and highly successful authors...

This course will provide you with world-class techniques to:

  • Use your strengths and skills to connect with your readers online
  • Gain confidence in the social media arena
  • Establish an authentic online presence
  • Cultivate your community of raving fans
  • Hone your clear and compelling message to answer the question, "What do you write?" to increase your fan base!
  • Map out a plan for success

Most authors - even professionals with years of experience - don't know the techniques that make the difference between barely making it and being a truly top-selling writer. In a rare opportunity you will have Beth Barany teach you these techniques during this 7-week-long course.

Especially designed by a novelist, editor and book coach, whether you are a published author now, or are working on your novel, you will get an intensive course on how to develop your social media presence now so you can become a bestselling author.

Our last course on this topic was completely booked. We're only accepting 20 students.

Note: This course is specifically for novelists and short story writers. While the same principles apply to nonfiction authors, special and unique concerns of fiction authors will be addressed.

Also: This course is best suited to authors who have already completed at least one manuscript and are already shopping their work to agents and editors. This course is also for already published authors, whether self-published or traditionally published.

This course is run on a private online community. You can create a profile to more fully participate in the course, be part of a community of like-minded writers, get support and connect.


  • Confessions of a Reluctant Marketer 44-page PDF report
  • Interview with Social Media expert, Teresa Morrow on Virtual Book Tour
  • Interview with Publicity expert, Jill Lublin
  • Interview with Kristin Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media

Class Structure

  • Part 1: Social Media Foundations: Five short modules on the fundamentals of social media. We'll examine mindset, goals and concerns about social media.
    Duration: 1 week

  • Part 2: Social Media Implementation: We'll look at each of the main social media networks -- Twitter, Facebook, blogging, YouTube and LinkedIn -- and how you can get active in each now.

    We'll have live teleseminar calls for Q&A on Weeks 2, 4, and 6. The calls will be recorded.
    Duration: 6 weeks

As writers we are alone, together. Let's harness our power!

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To register for the "We're All In This Together: Social Media for Authors" 7-week tele-seminar

Starting June 20, 2011 through August 5, 2011

Members: $99 click here.
Nonmembers: $199 click here.


Sign up now for the "Write Your Book from the Inside Out" 12-module course, go-at-your-own-pace course

You can start anytime with this self-paced course.

Many how-to-write-a-book courses focus on plot, character and the mechanics of good story telling. All important! But that is not this course.

Here, you'll be guided to envision your book while developing a stronger connection to your motivations as a writer. Then, I'll guide your through making sure your environment supports your success and help you uncover your fears surrounding your writing, so they don't control you, and so you'll get to the most important this: your writing.

This course will help you set up a regular and safe writing schedule to fit into your busy life, and guide you through the weeks of actually getting started on your book.

Have you always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to begin and were overwhelmed by the process? This 12-week self-paced will guide you gently every step of the way. From inspiration to completion, you will learn how to write a book from the inside out.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide includes:

  • A weekly detailed lesson< in bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks to fit into your busy life,/li>
  • Instructions and guidance in a downloadable audio mp3 (3-8 minutes long) for easy access,
  • A PDF downloadable workbook (10-15 pages) to read at your leisure,
  • Regular coaching support from Creativity Coach for Writers, Beth Barany,
  • And lots of bonuses, like the
    -- "Publishing Options Report,"
    -- "Track Your Writing Progress spreadsheet,"
    -- "Write Your Book in 12 weeks log,"
    -- "How to Publish Online," cheat sheet, and more.
    -- Plus, a digital copy of The Writer's Guide book.
    The bonuses alone are valued at over $500!

Members: $49 click here.
Nonmembers: $99 click here.


Sign up now for the "Publishing Choices in the 21st Century" 3-week online and teleseminar course

Starting May 9, 2011

What are our options in the fast-changing world of publishing today?

  • Explore your options in this 3-week online course.
  • Discover themain forms of publishing: self-; hybrid; and, traditional publishing.
  • Get clear on the criteria with which to make the best decision.
  • Access the right resources to make whatever publishing you choose easier and simpler.
  • By the end of class you will have a clear blueprint of the steps you can take to achieve your publishing dreams.
  • This online course is being offered by book coach and independent and marketing consultant, Beth Barany. Beth has sheperded 8 books to independent publishing and coached 100s more through her courses, through editing and consulting on query letters and book proposals.

Members: $49 click here.
Nonmembers: $99 click here.


About the Instructors

Beth Barany | Ezra Barany

We Write Books courses are taught by Ezra and Beth, a husband-wife team, sometimes together and sometimes separately. Other guest instructors will be teaching courses, too -- Coming soon!

Beth Barany

Beth Barany, founder of We Write Books online community and University, has been an instructor for over 20 years, teaching online and in-person at writing conferences, workshops, and private course.

Fiction and nonfiction author, teacher and blogger, Beth Barany, can be found raving about books, authors, creativity, and the ever-changing publishing and book marketing world online on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Beth speaks to writing groups all over the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States.

Beth Barany works with many authors who are nervous about book marketing and about how to get started in social media, and how to make social media work for them. She helps them find their comfort zone in marketing and selling their books so they can have a successful author career.

In nonfiction, Beth Barany is the author of The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book, and Overcome Writer's Block. She's been a columnist at The National Networker, The San Francisco Writers Community and, and is a contributing author to several anthologies, including the best-seller Writing Romance, and Creativity Coaching Success Stories. In addition, Beth is the editor of the best-selling anthology of stories by UC Berkeley alumni, When I Was There: Life at Berkeley 1960-2010, and editor to an Amazon bestseller, Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases.

In fiction, Beth Barany has recently released her first novel on the Kindle, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, and received 4-star and 5-star reviews.

Beth works with clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, and gives workshops and talks nationally and internationally.

Go here for more about Beth.

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Ezra Barany

Author and editor, Ezra Barany has been writing ever since he was in grade school where he received honorable mention for one of his haikus. He began editing other writers' works in high school and college and has been editing fiction for over 23 years. Ezra has been the editor for works by Meredith Ironside, William Brasse, Beth Barany and others. He helps authors master the art of creating page-turners. His specialty is in editing the flow of the reading, the pacing of the plot, the intensity of the conflict, and the believability of the characters, all to accomplish a compelling story.

Ezra Barany has also been a high school physics teacher for over 5 years, teaching in a classroom setting, one-on-one, and online webinars. His strength as a teacher is his ability to make complicated concepts simple and easy to understand.

When it comes to social media, Ezra Barany uses Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, FriendFeed, and MySpace on a regular basis to market his highly praised suspense novel The Torah Codes. Ezra has extended his marketing reach as a guest blogger to Hywela Lyn, Brynna Curry, The Book Tree and other sites.

Ezra Barany lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he is working on his next book. He is available for presentations and select readings.

And he loves his gorgeous bride, book coach Beth Barany.

More about Ezra Barany here.

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: Dan Calvisi's 8-Week Home Guided Course on How to Write a Screenplay
For those of you curious about writing a screenplay, or if you're ready to dust off the one sitting in your drawer, and you're ready for guidance, I have a very special bonus for you from screenplay writer and consultant, Dan Calvisi, of Act Four Screenplays, the author of the forthcoming book,
Story Maps: How to Write A Great Screenplay.

Dan's bonus for my members: Discount on his 8-Week Story Maps Guided Home Course. A structured, proven 8-week schedule takes you from initial concept to a detailed outline and your first 30 pages in proper script format. He's offering a $75 discount off his course for Premiere members of We Write Books community.

Member Bonus!
: How to Create Your Own Virtual Book Tour
Get the tips and tricks to create your own powerful virtual book tour so many many more readers can discover your book. Virtual Book Tour expert, Teresa Morrow of Key Book Promotions, will be offering this self-paced course at a discount to our Premiere Members. Coming soon!

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