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How to Be a Bestselling Author Workshop

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When: Saturday, October 23, 2010
Registration: 9am
Workshop: 9:30am - 6pm
Where: East Bay Community Foundation, James Irvine Foundation Conference Center
353 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

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Authors and aspiring authors: Increase your visibility to increase your sales.


If you're an author of fiction or non-fiction, I'm going to take a wild, completely inappropriate guess about where you are with your book...

My guess is: you'd like to be able to reach a much wider audience than you currently can.

How do I know this? Because this is the one thing nearly every author tells me.

You know that you can expand your readership in the world, spread your valuable message, and earn a lot more in your career, if you could just "crack the code" of how to get readers eager to read the story inside you.

This is going to sound arrogant, but I'm going to say it anyway, because this is urgent. In a very short time, I have become a highly experienced sales person and successful coach and trainer - I've cracked the code and figured out how to be a bestselling author. Beyond that, I've figured out the whole business model of how to take your book and convert it into a bestseller, so that the reach of your message--and your potential earnings--is no longer limited by the hours in your already busy day.

If you don't know me already, my name is Beth Barany. I'm known as "Beth, the Bestselling Editor" as I have been the editor for two bestsellers. As an author, speaker, and columnist, I'm one of the most successful and well-paid book coaches in the nation. And having coached clients who are, themselves, coaches to executives, I am a coach to the coaches.

However, until a year ago, I put most of my attention on creating products instead of selling products. Last year, I decided to learn what it takes to sell books with a simple, step-by-step process. I wanted people's written works to have a wider reach than just family and friends.

Now, using the skills I've developed (in most cases the “hard way,”) I am getting my clients' books to hundreds more people than they were ever able to reach before on their own.

In a moment, I'm going to share with you how you can get access to learn how to become a bestselling author. But before I do that, I have a few questions for you...

• Have you published a book, and had the thought, "My book should have double the number of sales!" Have you ever asked yourself, "I know my book is good -- how can I have more people lining up to buy it from me?"
• Are you stuck with the same number of people who tend to buy your book, or say they'll buy your book?
• Does the idea of increasing the number of people on your mailing list, your author platform, scare you?
• Are you afraid that the work of building a loyal readership may be too hard for you to do? Does it ever seem hopeless?
• Do you worry that your business may never grow beyond natural word-of-mouth? That you'll basically remain anonymous beyond your small group of family and friends?

If any of these questions were a "yes" for you, then you need to attend this workshop on "How To Be A Bestselling Author" October 23, 9am-6pm. Retail price: $497.

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This workshop is specifically designed for you if: • You are already published or are working on a book, but you want to be a world-class bestselling author.

• You have a reasonable online presence -- such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn - -and you want to go from spending your time with online socializing to doing online social networking and selling your books through your social networking. (It can be done!) • You want to build your audience by building your list in a way you feel comfortable doing. • You just *know* that you'd be living your true purpose if your book sold to large audiences.

Marketing (and Selling) Your Book Can Be Fun!

You may think that marketing and selling your books is a scary prospect, but actually marketing and selling is essential to your career as an author. And if you uncover your style of marketing and selling, then ultimately you will sell more books.

When my first book came out in Spring 2008, Overcome Writer’s Block, I barely marketed it. When my second book came out July 2009, Writer’s Adventure Guide, I did the minimum and quickly focused on other things, like earning a living. I was overwhelmed by all my book marketing options, and chose actions at random.

Probably not the most effective.

Then, I attended a lecture by Patrick Swertdfeger, the author of Webify Your Business 2.0, and learned about social networking. He made the tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.com seem like so much fun. I realized something. That marketing my books could be fun, if I did the things I liked. And what I liked was using social networking. These tools capitalized on my strengths: writing, connecting with others, and chatting.

So, I have a question for you. You know you need to get the word out about your books. So, what is fun for you about marketing? I can help you find it so that you may become a reluctant marketer no more. This is what I'm proud to share with you in "How To Be A Bestselling Author." Retail price: $497.

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I'll be sharing with you some of my juiciest secrets that day. It could be the most important day of your entire career as an author. Think of how many more lives you could impact -- and how much more deeply you could impact them -- if you developed the best audience-building skills imaginable. You may be depriving the world right now of your greatest gift, simply because you haven't learned how to spread it as widely as possible. There are only a few spots left in the Bestselling Author Event, which will definitely sell out. But I wanted to make sure you had the chance to hear about the Event before it fills up for good. If you'd like to reserve your spot in this day-long hands-on workshop, just click here and sign up.


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In this one-day event you will get hands-on tools to:
• Create a 90-day list building plan $97.00 value
• Compel people to want your book when you network $497.00 value
• Leverage the social media arena into becoming your fan base $497.00 value
• Hone your clear and compelling message to answer
“What do you write?” $197.00 value
Total value: $1,288.00
Workshop price: $497.00

Special price! ===> $97

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We'll have guest speakers that I'm really excited about!

  • * Allison Bliss, of Allison Bliss Consulting, a Marketing and Communication Agency, will talk about how to sell books in bulk to companies and organizations.

  • An award winning marketing & communications agency, Allison Bliss Consulting has helped clients sell bulk orders of books in quantities of 10,000 their first year. Her agency offers marketing plans, social media, design, writing, websites, SEO, internet marketing & advertising to CEO's, business and non profit leaders, plus entrepreneurs. Clients include Apple Computers, UC Medical Center, Honda, Pepsi, hundreds of small entrepreneurial businesses. She managed (and sometimes created) over 10,000 major Hollywood films, television shows, music concerts, commercials, and live events with top talents, including Bobby McFerrin, Francis Ford Coppola, and Robin Williams. Today she helps both large corporations and small businesses with clients claiming “Incredibly, measurable results!”

  • * Ezra Barany of Barany Video Marketing will share about the wonders of book trailers, video promotion for your book.

    Most authors – even professionals with years of experience – don’t know the techniques of using video as a way to get the excitement of their book out into the world. In a rare opportunity you will see Ezra Barany himself teach you these techniques at this workshop! At this presentation, you’ll discover: * the best, free, easy-to-use software for creating your book trailer * how to generate captivating text for your book trailer, and * how to post your book trailer in a way that guarantees maximum visibility! Ezra Barany is an avid video editor having created and edited videos for authors, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs for over 4 years. His mission is to help authors get those people who visit their website to become fans of their writing. Ezra has been a presenter and trainer making complex concepts easy to understand for over ten years to over a thousand people. In his free time, he works on editing his thriller novel and writes mushy love songs inspired by his wife and book coach Beth Barany.

    I recommend coming 30 minutes early to get signed in and to get a good seat. You are also welcome to bring guests provided they register ahead of time.

    Will I see you there Saturday, October 23?

    Beth Barany

    Author, speaker and columnist, Beth Barany, can be found raving about books, authors, and the ever-changing publishing and book marketing world online on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Beth speaks to writing groups all over the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States.

    Who Beth Barany works with authors scared about books marketing and sales. She helps them find their own comfort zone with marketing and selling so they can have a successful author career. Beth Barany is the author of The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book, and Overcome Writer's Block. She’s been a columnist at The National Networker, The San Francisco Writers Community, and a contributing author to several anthologies, including the best-seller Writing Romance (and managing editor), and Creativity Coaching Success Stories.

    She is the editor of the best-selling anthology of stories by UC Berkeley alumni, the bestseller, When I Was There: Life at Berkeley 1960-2010. Beth works with clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, and gives talk nationally and internationally. She also writes young adult fantasy novels. Beth can be contacted through her site: http://www.bethbarany.com/contact.html, and through her blog, full off resources, http://www.writersfunzone.com/blog.

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Beth Barany, Creative Consultant and Writing Coach

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